Scientific and financial support

This research programme is supported, scientifically, financially and in terms of and logistically, by the CNRS and the University Toulouse Jean-Jaurès.


It brings together researchers and engineers from three laboratories (TRACES, FRAMESPA and GEODE) and is centred around a team of research (TERRAE).

The Archaeology Laboratory TRACES (UMR 5608)
Le Laboratoire FRAMESPA (UMR 5136)
GEODE (UMR 5602).

A geography laboratory which focuses its scientific activities on the study of landscapes and the environment in a perspective interdisciplinary and multi-temporal, ranging from retro-observation from natural and socio-environmental processes to the establishment of prospective models.


Co-ordination of medieval researchers, historians, archaeologists and art historians from the TRACES and FRAMESPA laboratories. They anchoring theirs researchs is that of a great South-West, the South-West, the the Atlantic to the Rhone and is strengthened by links with Spain and the Italy. Their collaboration continually seeks to renew itself and to to be enriched by investigation methods and synergies with other sectors of research, especially hard sciences. Data acquisition and processing has become an essential axis, both through the establishment of a collection of published sources historical data, as well as through the development of a technical platform innovative

This programme receives financial support from the following organisations/institutions

Recurrent support

Ministry of Culture via the Ministry of Culture via the Regional Business Department Cultural of Occitania

The Ministry of Culture has provided financial support to the TAHMM programme since its launch in 2018.

Aulon Nature Reserve

Since 2018, the Aulon Nature Reserve has been providing financial and logistical support to the TAHMM research programme. In 2019, it has included it in the management plan.

Departmental Council of Hautes-Pyrénées

The Departmental Council of the Hautes-Pyrénées via the Department of Local Development, the Department of Cultural Action and the Media Library and of the Department of Archives and Heritage, financially supports cultural and sports players and the associative fabric of its territory.

One-off support

Occitanie Region

For many years, the Occitanie region has supported archaeological research programmes. It has set up recurrent funds for actions to protect, enhance and develop historical and archaeological knowledge of its territory. Occitanie Region. In 2022, the Occitanie Region has chosen to finance the TAHMM programme.

ZA PYGAR Zone atelier Pyrénées-Garonne

The Pyrenees-Garonne Workshop Zone (ZA PYGAR) was labelled by the CNRS's Ecology and Environment Institute (InEE) in 2017 and has joined the Network of Workshop Zones (RZA). The aim of the PYGAR ZA is to study the spatial and temporal dynamics of socio-ecological systems in the Pyrenees and the Garonne catchment area. It brings together researchers and teacher-researchers, engineers and technicians, doctoral and post-doctoral students from 17 attached research laboratories to 11 organisations and universities in Toulouse and Bordeaux.

Parc National des Pyrénées

The Pyrenees National Park has subsidised, in 2018, the study area of the Liantran sector included in the TAHMM programme.

Several scientifics institutions and private companies collaborate and support the TAHMM programme:


In the framework of the scientific support programme ISIS du CNES, the TAHMM research programme was able to benefit from a Pleiade.

image acquisition programme.
F5C The internet part of this programme is sponsored by the company F5 Consulting.

The internet part of this programme is sponsored by the company F5 Consulting.


All the credits and subsidies allocated to the TAHMM programme are managed by the association CAML (Centre d'Archéologie Médiévale du Languedoc).